Neon sign says: We are all made of stories
Hands on a tree — creative meeting space.
Hands on a tree — creative meeting space.
working vacation for a black female executive
Juggling back-to-back meetings at work, demanding home  and not doing either very well.
Pretty Black girl looking through a crystal ball.
Fluid Black
Author, K. Joseph’s AI rendering by Lensa.
Person in yellow raincoat with a polaroid camera.
2022 Polaroid Camera.
Little girl and robot.
Measuring change management success. Photo of people around the table from the ceiling point of view.
StarTrek Storm Trooper
Korean dramas in the style of Dansaekhwa Korean Abstract Art.
Little girl and robot.
Dresses on a rack in a sunny room.
StarTrek Storm Trooper
Little girl and robot.
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. AI man criss cross apple sauce. Plugged.
Person dressed as chicken lego!
El Salvadorean Coffee Beans
AI image generated on Midjourney when promoted: He emerged from her head one day. The gorgeous demon. The black woman thought it was a bad dream. But he was real and devastating. Chiseled muscles on this black god. Trinidad Carnival inspired.
Mad with light eyes, red and white flyway hair, serious face.
Blackasian woman in foreground of a blackdrop of war
Woman, walking outdoors, white dress, ponderind. A mountain is in the background.
Black and white illustration of woman accomplishing dreams created using
working vacation for a black female executive
Woman practicing yoga
AI Generated image of body of black middle aged woman by K. Joseph and Midjourney, ethereal effect.
K. Joseph

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