A book review by K. Joseph

Bad Love, by Maame Blue

A complete romantic romance novel.

📸 https://www.bigblackbooks.org/bad-love-maame-blue/

When I first read this book, I lived it. It cracked me open. And, dare I say, I bloomed.

Shall I tell you about Bad Love, by Maame Blue? I read the Audible version.

It is the story of Ekuah. She is on the precipice of being grown. As she steps out and into that new state, we see into her mind. We hear all her thoughts on friendships, first love, almost love, second love, love of parents, love between parents, love-in-the-meantime, and self love. It is a soft, beautiful riot.

*What I did not like
At the very beginning, before I purchased the book, the cover representation of the book made me wince. The caricature of the pitch black woman with ultra pink lips represented ugliness to me. It harkened hateful portrayals of black beauty made by people who wanted to hurt me.

I scrolled quickly past the title.

But it kept drawing me back to it. I reasoned, ‘It’s a Black author. The face cracked open, erupting prettiness.’ I scrolled away again and then back and clicked >Play<.

I’ve never been good at chess
At seeing which moves were ahead of me

I didn’t like the book cover, that’s all.

*Who should read this book?
You should read this book if you would like a story with people who are strikingly real.

If you wish to hear layers of love lives that are not cold like a documentary retelling and not artificial like an ‘emotional, steamy, sexy’ romance novel, read this.

“Sensible is fine, but passion is better”

Note, though, it is emotional, steamy and sexy; but it *feels* accessible and real and familiar. At least, it did to me.

*What I loved about this book
I loved this story because, throughout the book, I saw the calamitous trajectory happening and felt the stress of the characters.

I understood why they did the (wrong, cowardly, childish, loving, stupid, sad, exhilarating) thing they did, and I cheered or cried or nodded with them.

I was living this book. It cracked open. And I bloomed.

So many parts of the main female character’s story and that of her mother were mine.

I loved that, as young people, we are blind to the ways we are like our parents; blind to how we are retracing their patterns.

My father shines brightly and it made him hard to look at

I loved that the male characters were incomplete (young and old) and they also broke and unfolded.

This book left me wanting a book club to discuss it more, to be honest. There is so very much in it.

The narrator allowed me to be consumed by the story — she was divine.

It is a completely well-rounded romantic romance novel.

Pick up your own copy and try Audible (for warning, if you are like me, reading audio books can be highly addictive activity!).

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